Thursday, May 10, 2012

‘A call to Uttarakhand’

So beautiful you are,
So is thy height,
All day it holds my soul,
Doesn’t desert me even in the night,
But there is a lump thou hide,
Behind this green & white,
Still you can’t win on me,
I’ve seen it through my sight,

I know you’re adored,
I believed it though,
As the deities wander,
In thou land here & there,
But even the insanity,
I found lurked in thee,
Slaying thy divinity,
Oh! The blood,
I watched it clearly,

So high thee pride,
I feel pity on thou side,
You flaunt your fairs,
I’ve found your hateful affairs,
They divide, they discriminate,
They evaluate lives,
Upon inhuman scales,
Tell me, do you produce,
From four different wombs!

Yes! I know thou culture, thou civilization,
I do owe appreciation,
But why don’t your sons do?
Why they deserted you?
A far away land they went to,
And became a foreigner to you,
Didn’t you feed them well?
Or its their timid shell!

Yet one thing was left,
I thought it would cover the rest,
But I’m in grief & pain,
Even the green is falling like rain,
I beg you, please save!
Save thou aroma, thou essence,
Don’t let die yourself!

- Neha Sen 

All rights reserved. 

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