Thursday, May 10, 2012

‘A call to Uttarakhand’

So beautiful you are,
So is thy height,
All day it holds my soul,
Doesn’t desert me even in the night,
But there is a lump thou hide,
Behind this green & white,
Still you can’t win on me,
I’ve seen it through my sight,

I know you’re adored,
I believed it though,
As the deities wander,
In thou land here & there,
But even the insanity,
I found lurked in thee,
Slaying thy divinity,
Oh! The blood,
I watched it clearly,

So high thee pride,
I feel pity on thou side,
You flaunt your fairs,
I’ve found your hateful affairs,
They divide, they discriminate,
They evaluate lives,
Upon inhuman scales,
Tell me, do you produce,
From four different wombs!

Yes! I know thou culture, thou civilization,
I do owe appreciation,
But why don’t your sons do?
Why they deserted you?
A far away land they went to,
And became a foreigner to you,
Didn’t you feed them well?
Or its their timid shell!

Yet one thing was left,
I thought it would cover the rest,
But I’m in grief & pain,
Even the green is falling like rain,
I beg you, please save!
Save thou aroma, thou essence,
Don’t let die yourself!

- Neha Sen 

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

“A soothing experience with the melodious Uttarakhandi Music”

Music is an emergence of soul and purity but nowadays even it has become a part of technology where music is easier to produce through computerized systems. Besides this, even we’re used to it nowadays, as especially me kind of people who have grown up amidst the technologies.

But, the pleasant thing to share with you all is that my technical mind got proved wrong yesterday when I heard a Garhwali song by Preetam Baratwan, which being a Kumaoni and not well learned of pahadi languages, I couldn’t understand well but even though, the melodious, the pure, the soothing music of that song made me feel divinely satisfying and contented.

“Our land of Gods is adorned with the pure & profound beauty of melody”

Our Uttarakhand is bestowed with divine music which prevails in its every aspect and it’s only this lap of pure nature from where the Uttarakhandi music has emerged. Besides this, all the forms of music here carry a celestial aspect with it, which further brings a divine touch. These roots further prove the depth and purity of the music of Uttarakhand.

The musical instruments of Uttarakhand comprise Bansuri (Flute), Dhol, Damoun, Turri, Ransingha, Dholki, Daur, Thali, Bhankora, Masakbeen and Harmonium. The pure music of these instruments is even alive in today’s technical world but only around the mounts of Uttarakhand, among the adorers of Uttarakhand and in those primitive hearts which couldn’t ever accept this technical change.

“Westernization should never be done for wiping the primeval”

I am not against the technology, but the technology should be used to nurture, preserve and polish the primitive roots not to slay those roots. Nowadays, we rarely find this pure instrumental music but this technical music can’t ever stand along side the soothing and profound natural music.

We’re loosing the melody of nature, of divinity, of purity and of our core and it’s only this pure Uttarakhandi music which can restore it. It’s not only words; I can bet you that once you would listen to a single pure instrumental song, you’ll be upon the same words.

Let’s rejuvenate our roots, let’s relive the pure melody, let’s promote our culture, music & art.

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Warm Regards,
Neha Sen 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


“Give them a smile.. so that their innocence would shine.. it will reflect the luminosity.. to your soul..“

Donation is perceived to be one of the purest and sacred human deeds as serving others is believed to be a divine approach and donation is the super most form of serving others upon land. For the same reasons, donation is believed to be a part of spiritual practice as scriptures tell us to love others and that makes us receive the love of God. Serving his children is the truest and straight way to the almighty.

Besides this, donation has also been a much believed part of astrological arena for astrological remedies. Astrology prescribes variant remedies for different obstacles of people’s life as further in astrological description, there are different remedies for different planets and along with it, there are also various kind of remedies for different doshas and dashas in astrology. All of these remedies comprises more than fifty percent of donations of variant goods.

On the other part if we would see through a general vision, its always good to do good to others, it will bring you the immense happiness and a deep smile and above all, it will bring you a supreme satisfaction and serenity. It might reach the divine soul quiet late but it will definitely reach your soul in the seconds of time. This is a universal believe and there is nothing beyond this.

I am not articulating any preached words here neither we are giving you any sacred lessons here as all we are trying to do is to explore the depth of donation. When you would denote something, it might bring some light in the gloomy enclosure of a poor and needy one, it might show him the way, it might be enough to adorn his life, though it would be a small part of your luminous world. That little light might return to you with huge brilliance, some where when you would be in need or would lighten your life till the heights or would pour light upon your hidden hurdles so that you could wipe them before being hurt in ignorance. 

Besides this, the other expression of donation is respect which appears when we confer some goods or requisites to Gurus or Sages as to express our gratitude towards them. Sages has always been believed as the true messengers of God and so on they are perceived to be the supreme souls upon land for being emerged from the mouth of Lord Brahma and for being pure, serving them takes us near to the almighty.

In the end, Donation has been kept at the supreme platter in Hindu arena as it is believed to be a true worship of the almighty. People pursue donation for variant reasons but the real reason is, when you give something to the needy, it reaches the supreme almighty. Altogether, it reduces your pains and problems and adorns your life with true brilliance and bestow you with the divine blessings.

“Prathamamty Gurordanam Datv AShreshtha Manukramat Tato Anyesham Cha Vipranam Dadya Tpatranu Sarataha”

The mantra is the explicit expression of donation which when done to Gurus, Brahmins or to any of the needy person, it brings all the goodness and true blessings to the person and his loved ones. 

All rights reserved ! 

- Neha Sen 

Friday, December 9, 2011


Uttarkhand is a celestial ocean of divinity blessed with profound depth and supreme existence as land of gods which possess the pure essence of almighty at variant places in various forms and beliefs. 

Uttarakhand is adorned with the gems of paradise which are scattered throughout this Dev Bhoomi and I have come up with one of the divine gem called Tungnath. Tungnath is situated quiet near to the sky with the essence of Lord Shiva. It has been believed has the highest pilgrim and is one of the Panch Kedar temples of Lord Shiva which are more than 1000 years old. 

In more vivid & geographical words, it is located in the Rudraprayag district of Tehri Garhwal at 12,073 ft height which divides the Mandakini River and Alaknanda River. The other famous mark for this celestial peak is that it has a trekking path of almost 4 km from Chopta. These beautiful heights are embellished with the surroundings of gorgeous Himalayas as further enhancing the paradisiacal essence here. 

On the part of divine depth of Tungnath, it has been believed that after Mahabharata, Vyas Rishi advised Pandavas to purify their soul from the taints of slaying their own people by attaining pardon by Lord Shiva. At this, Lord Shiva tried to hide away from Pandavas for them being guilty and concealed himself in underground Guptakashi in the guise of a bull but Pandavas found him and appealed for their salvation. 

Further as to please the Lord, the bull’s body parts were rematerialized at five different places as bull’s hand in Tungnath, hump in Kedarnath, head at Rudranath, naval & Stomach at Madhyamaheshwar and hair at Kalpeshwar, as per the beliefs. These places have been called as “Panch Kedar” and at every place Pandavas built the temples of Lord Shiva and worshiped him for attaining his divine blessings. 

Besides this divine depth, Tungnath is a place of supreme tranquility where purity prevails in the air and breathing this air is far enough to attain eternal salvation for a being. 

Content - Neha Sen 

Picture - Changez Khan

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Friday, November 25, 2011

'Soul Mate'

*~ ♥ We look for all relations in our life companion... someone who loves like a mother.. someone who protects like a father.. someone with whom there is a everlasting bond like siblings.. someone with whom you become kiddo like friend.. someone who makes you learn like teacher.. someone you can adore like almighty.. someone who understands you like yourself.. and in the end.. someone with whom you share your soul like soul mate ♥ ~*

"A soul mate is the one who completes your life !" 

All rights reserved. 

- Neha Sen